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Robert Grant is a writer, poet and filmmaker living and working in Berlin, Germany.

After university in Southampton (England), Robert Grant was published in a number of independent magazines including Love Words and Beat. 

His first full poetry collection was released in 2005 by Searle publishing of Norwich as a solo spoken word poetry album entitled 'The Rambling Man'. His Post-Beat Poetry has now been published on 4 continents and led to performances on numerous stages, events and festivals all across the world.

Over the years he has continued to be published by various magazines and journals, most notably The Blackmail Press, The Sand literary Journal and The Stanford University press. 

In 2007 he went on a pilgrimage to America and Mexico, following the footsteps taken by Jack Kerouac in his book 'On the road'. Grant wrote for the website 'As the Beat goes on' chronicling his journey as a modern beat poet on the 50th anniversary of the famous book's first publishing.   

In 2010 he released his first book 'Can't say why' followed in 2015 by his second, entitled 'Naked in the Coffee House'. Then in 2019 'Beat the Grass' came out and "I Remain Blind" was released in 2022. His new book 'The irony of honesty'  released in May 2023.    

In 2011 Grant became interested in film making, proceeding to write and direct his first music video 'Til it's over' from musician Joe Czarnecki's first album 'Watch Now'. 

He has now written and directed 16 music videos for artists including Josh Savage, Black Prez, Joe Wilkinson, Elder Roche, Georgie Fisher, Joey Ryan and Melville. As well as writing several others for bands such as Third Eye Blind. 

He has written, produced and directed several short films including The meaning of Mr. Watson, Symmetry, Danielle, Naked and Ellipses. His poetry was also included in the 2013 feature film 'For those whose god is dead'.

He curated and ran two long-running Berlin poetry events. First was BeatStreet (2007 - 2013) and The Poetic Groove (2011 - 2016) also producing a short form documentary film based on his shows for the 'Sand' literature journal.

In 2016 he was the only English speaking male poet to be included in 'The Culture trip' article of 10 poets to look out for in Germany, which led him to do a very successful 'Poetic Groove' revival.  

In 2022 he starting performing LIVE once more, with three readings in Berlin a large show in Heidelberg (Germany) and an exclusive show for The Napkin Press. He ended the year with a reading at Humboldt University (Berlin) which was transmitted to many Uni's all across Europe.  

He has lived and worked in Berlin for some time now with his wife and beautiful daughter. 

Now that's enough third person nonsense from me. Thanks for visiting this site and showing interest in my work, my obsession, my life x   

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